Procedures and Taxes

We manage and provide advisory on formalities relating to the Public Registry, Notary, ANATI, Panama Emprende, Municipality and MIVIOT.

  • Notices of Operation and non-operation certificates
  • Cadastral update
  • Advisory on wills granted
  • Notarization and authentication of documents
  • Public Registry registrations
  • Registry, cadastral and civil certificates
  • Updating of information in the Public Registry
  • Construction permits and registration of improvements
  • Good standing certificates for IDAAN (National Institute for Water Supply and Sewerage) and Sanitation

Procedures before the General Directorate of Revenues

  • Exoneration of real estate taxes (First Home and Family Patrimony)
  • Tax exemption
  • We manage Tax Identification Number (NIT) and Single Taxpayer Registration (RUC) of property and natural and legal person.
  • Payment of capital gains and real estate transfer taxes (FORMS 106 and 107)
  • Tax refunds
  • Request good standing certificate for Property Tax
  • Non-taxpayer certificate
  • Cancellation of obligations
  • Tax residency
  • Statute of limitation for taxes